Tremors - S/T Demo Tape (2011)

Yess, this is pure fuckin’ hardcore that is tasty and full of old school as you want. London’s Tremors play aggressive, vicious and fast-paced hardcore, ready for jumping from the window! This is their self-titled demo tape, including ripper 6 tracks to shake your brain. Think old school American hardcore such as Minor Threat, SSD, Black Flag, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits. Especially these guys make the noise in the way of legendary youth crew era. Some tracks such as “No Comment”, “Addicted To Failure” have excellent guitar parts with engaging attractive riffs. The speed don’t cease and attractive melodic sections are causing you to lose yourself. Real hardcore feast of 8-9 minutes if you look for some old-fashioned stuff. Tremors hit a strong crochet to your face with their first recording yet.



Skitkids - Besöket Vid Krubban (2007)

I'd think the Marshall (Lemmy) tasted his Jack Daniels as daily, and he took his crew and said that “come on guys we’re recording a Crust album!” however he included Poffen (Totalitar) for vocals, and they entered the studio suddenly. You can think what this guy is telling us. But the extremely rock’n’roll/crust dose of Skitkids causes this thought. With the great dose of adrenaline and hatred, you’ll be offered by a razor-sharp, fast, loud, funny record which is the combination of rock and roll, crustcore d-beat, thrash metal these guys performed. The vocals are reminiscent of Swedish hardcore legends Totalitar with old-styled angry screams and screeches. Great toned drum makes d-beat assault, it has powerful sound, the bass is groaning, melodic rock’n’roll leads and Fast Eddie-like guitar solos cause to lose yourself. The lyrics are based to socio-political issues with sarcastic expressions, the routine life of society, banal ideas, or criticize the punk stars of today. Classic Swedish D-Beat/Hardcore 's rock'n'roll excellence is in your blood with a high dose. Motorhead, AC/DC structured rock’n’roll solos in "Weekday Suger Rov" (like listening to Ace Of Spades) is cool, and tracks such as "Viist E Jag Lycklig", "Svinahunden" bomb you with Totalitar d-beats. Skitkids make noise for you, this is one of the best crust/rock 'n'roll records in recent years.



Conga Fury - Never Die (2008)

I wonder the mental hospital those Japanese guys came out. Intense fast, staggering and chaotic Japanese thrashpunx agression with screeching bitchy vocals. Noisecore or thrashcore, describe this how do you want, Kochi City’s Conga Fury is one of the fastest hardcore/powerviolence band in new generation. 22-track LP was released in 2008 by Six Weeks, “Never Dies” has scratchy guitar sound is extremely low-fi, totally destructive riffs at light speed, in addition to fastest drumming there are sometimes d-beat sections, and the sudden appearance of gang vocals as chorus in many parts, the result we face with a band that does not slow down the even for 1 second. They really kick the listener’s ass with their unrelenting destruction noise completely, and their passion about anime artwork seems again in this record. Maybe Japan has not seen such a fastest band that has also a screw loose. If you already follow the underground market of this country then you know how they’re important for extreme hardcore scene.



Dishumanity - Radijacija

Dishumanity is d-beat hc punk band from Kragujevac(Serbia).Band is spreading the noise since october 2009 with same band members and that is: Kimi-guitar Dusan-Bass Vuk-drums,vocals.First album was recorded in october 2010 and its called ''Radijacija" with 12 songs and 13th cover song from ex yu hc punk band Distress,with no fuckin luck label is DIY.Now in January of 2011 band recorded one EP with one hc punk grind holland band and its still in progress,arts,label and other shits....strongly d-beat hard core punk noise with dark apocalyptic anti war anti politics anti capitalist lyrics.

many thanks to vuk (the drummer/singer of the band) for sharing the band with us and writing that info about the band.


Systemskifte - Demo

Wilke contacted me on .shit.face.book. a while ago and told me about the band, i've never heard about them before but i really liked what i heard and am glad that he contacted me. Here's his description of the band and the download link he provided:

"Our name is Systemskifte, we play Crustpunk and come from a little swedish city called Nyköping. We started out in September 2009 and recorded this cd-r in December 2009. We're inspired by bands like Doom, Totalitär, Warsore, Ekkaia, Anti-Cimex and Crass. Our lyrics are very political. We haven't played live since may 2010 (Cos we have been practising a lot to change the sound a bit) but now in the winter we're gonna start playing live again and record our new stuff, we still play fast and we're still angry haha!"


Flux Cored Wire - Actions Speak Louder Than Words 7" (2000)

A fastcore/powerviolence madness? It's a shrew noise from Japan. Up-tempo songs to cause heart attack with classic punk riffs, catchy guitar solos and lunatic chorus on vocals. No more information about the band. So I could say they're extreme underground guys.



Graffiti 3X - Esto No Es Un Juego (1998)

This is cult Mexican anarcho punk/hardcore band from Ciudad de México city that was formed in 1994. They play fast, agressive and melodic hardcore by combining punk, surf, hardcore and ska elements. Lyrics are based on topics like problems of lower class, worker rights and refugee problems. Band has released seven albums till now. "Esto No Es Un Juego" (In English: "This Is Not Game") is third record in their discography. Yeah, they believe graffiti is a street art so they gave this name. Vocalist Roberto Wong liked the cartoons and watched as he left the XXX liquor bottle, the 3X is a childhood memory for him.



E150 - Discography

The world cup is ending tonight. Holland vs Spain. I've always been a fan of dutch football since i was a little kid, maybe it's because of Gullit's funky hair, i'm not sure. But i hope we won't be seein such a boring cup again and i'm truly happy not to hear vuvuzelas anymore. Anyways for the memory of the cup i'm posting a dutch and a spanish band tonight. And E150 is the spanish one.

E150 is a fast hc punk band from Barcelona / Spain. They've been around from '95 to '04. Influenced by bands like; Gauze, Lipcream, Systematic Death, etc. This discography cd includes all their recorded stuff, and is released in '01. You'll get your mad spanish hardcore punk dose with this tonight, if the spanish team wins the cup. If they don't win it, you can still listen to E150 and smash the windows and cry "damn you david villa, how can't you score that?!!"

This post is dedicated to Carles Puyol even though he'll never see it. For those who don't know, Puyol's favorite bands include Napalm Death and Ramones, and he listens to these and similar bands to get psyched up before the games, no wonder he is so great.

Makiladoras - Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10''

For there is the world cup final game between netherlands and spain tonight, i decided to post a dutch and a spanish band tonight. and whoever becomes the world champion gets to kick your ass more than before, whatever. and one more thing for the fellow americans, it is called football, not soccer.

Female fronted crust metal from Netherlands. The music and the vocals are powerful and raging. Maquiladoras (or as they write: Makiladoras) are free-trade zones in Mexico. ‘Free’ means free to exploit, the workers in this kind of places don’t have any rights. The band was active between '99 - '06. They toured a lot, they released a 12", a split 7" with Radio Bikini, this release as a 10", and a discography cd. And like many other diy bands they took part in some compilations.
Check the band's webpage for more info:


What happened on july 2nd, 1993?

It is the 2nd of July today, the anniversary of The Sivas Massacre (Sivas Katliamı). In Madımak Hotel, 37 people were burnt to death by radical islamists and facists. Intellectuals have gathered there to celebrate Pir Sultan Abdal's (a 16th century Alevi poet) festival.

The facists and islamists attacked after the moslem's friday prayers. Almost 20,000 of them first marched to the culture center, where the activities took place. They destroyed the monument which was just opened to public view a day ago. Then they marched to the hotel, they broke through the police barriers and surrounded the hotel. The main reason for the islamists and facists being there is to lynch Aziz Nesin, because he's translated Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" at that time. They set the hotel on fire and 37 people including musicians, poets, writers, tourists and hotel staff died. 51 people including Aziz Nesin managed to escape with heavy wounds. When he was recognized, he was beaten by a fireman and a city councilman shouted, "This is the devil we should have really killed."

After lengthy court proceedings, the State Security Court sentenced 33 people to death on 28 November 1997 for their roles in the massacre; 31 of these sentences were upheld in a 2001 appeal. When Turkey overturned the death penalty just over a year later in 2002, the sentences were commuted to life in prison.
Just like any other right wing or islamist attack, the police, army and the firemen DID NOTHING! They just watched the incidents calmly.

What really disgusts me is; that the hotel's grounds floor was a MEAT RESTAURANT for years. Which is really sickening and nauseous. So many petitions were given to municipality and the parliament to make the hotel a museum but the politicians never took these seriously.

The victims are;



Sinat Hinam - st

I came across to this band on Giora's FTP blog a few weeks ago. It's a great blog full of israeli hc punk, crust, grind, powerviolence, thrash, punk rock stuff, you can find almost any band from israel in there. Now done with the advertisement.

שנאת חינם (Sinat Hinam / Hatred) is a metal influenced crust band from Israel. Formed around '05 and split up around '08, if i'm not mistaken. This cd is released in '07, includes 7 songs and is around 25 minutes. All the songs are in hebrew, which is a huge plus for the band in my opinion. Bands who sing in their native language have always been more interesting. Their music is far from punk but mostly crust metal, especially the guitars and the vocals are heavily black metal influenced, like some other stenchcore bands, but the music is not as "swampy" as stenchcore. Some of the influences of the band are; "Axegrinder, Amebix, Wretched, Nerorgasmo, Dir Yassin, Napalm Death, D.S.-13, Motörhead, Hellshock, etc". The band members describe their music as "a neandertalic caveman crushing the angel of death's head on the ruins of the jewish temple in jerusalem".


Fuck The Facts & Sylvester Staline Split 7''

This is a legendary split of two good bands.First band is Sylvester Staline.They are from france and they are playing fastcore like infest. They have 9 songs in this split and all their songs are really devilish and raw. i love this band. Second band is Fuck the Facts. This band is a canadian female fronted grindcore band, formed in 1998.They have 4 songs in this split and two of them are cover songs. Their music is very shined grindcore with raw vocals and unholy guitar riffs. I think you should listen this split.

to listen


Bostaurus - Demo

Bostaurus is a crust'n'roll band from Leipzig / Germany. Formed in '06, released this demo cd that year and released an LP called Made In Hellfire in '08. Influenced by bands like Krigshot and Disfear. If you are fed up with the neo-crust madness or the post-nuclear toxic copycat crust, Bostaurus will be a great getaway.


Obstructed - Demo

Obstructed is a raw and noisy crust band from Oulu / Finland. They are formed in '06, have released this demo cd-r in '07. Their music is 100 % improvisation. The explain that by: "The idea of playing improvised crust we got from the crappy bands, which made us think if it's possible to create better songs than they have just by playing whatever riffs comes first in mind, shouting whatever comes to our mind. So we tried and got some stuff recorded. And it was hell of a fun!" The demo is released on Attack To Society Distro, i believe there are still some copies and you can get for a nice price.


Knuste Ruter - Var Det Bare En Løgn 7"

Knuste Ruter is a hardcore punk band from Oslo / Norway. They're formed in '07, released this 7" in '08 and released an Lp called Gjennmo Veggene in '10 on Sjakk Matt Plater. Their music is classical norwegian hardcore, reminds me of bands like; Hevn, Kafka Prosess, Data Morgana, Betong Hysteria and similar norwegian hardcore acts. Knuste Ruter means "broken windows" in norwegian and this is what you will see when you start to play the record.


Katie Katty - Monster Cat Creep Show 7"

Katie Katty is an all-girl hardcore punk band from Kobe / Japan. They have released a demo in '05 and they have released this 7" in '05. The demo is more melodic and more catchy but the ep is quite raw and noisy. Their music is a little similar to Finnish all-girl hc punk band Khatarina, so you can get an idea of them. If you have any idea about noisy girls who slaps you in the face real hard when you fight, this is what you'll find in that 7".


Lastsentence - Beginning Of The Close Mind 7"

Incredibly fast and noisy female fronted crasher crust from Osaka / Japan. Ex-members of Nationstate, Ferocious X, Devastated are in the band. They've recorded their first demo in '08 and they've released this ep in '10. The songs are mostly the same ones in the demo, but re-recorded. Some people call them "Frigöra with female vocals" and i say they have a point.


Nikmat Olalim - Self Devouring Land 7"

Nikmat Olalim is a hardcore punk band from Israel. They've been around from '01 to ' 05. Influenced by political hc punk bands like Dead Kennedys, Nekhei Naatza, Dir Yassin. They have released two records and a split with Turkish anarcho-crust band Your Kingdom Is Doomed and another split wit Oi Polloi, they have also taken part in several compilations. The lyrics in that 7" are about ecology, the wall, the difficulties of having / finding a job in israel, and the scene. It is released in '04.

Dir Yassin - Discography

Dir Yassin is a hardcore punk / thrashcore band from Israel. Formed in '97, by the well known people in the scene. Some bands these people have played before are; Urban Skate Fanatics, Wackout, Shma Israel, Public Domain, Ethos, Useless ID, Nekhei Naatza and Negative Impact. But Dir Yassin is actually the name of a Palestinian village near Jerusalem, which was invaded by jews in 1948, and there was a massacre. So the band chose that name "to bring the sublimed bloody facts about Zionism and Israel's history back into its collective consciousness." For more info about the massacre check here: "Deir Yassin Remembered", for more info about the band check here: Dir Yassin. This discography cd is re-released in '05 by tofu guerilla records, by the way.

M:40 - Industrilandskap 7''

M:40 is a crust band from Lidköping / Sweden, formed in '02. Their music is dark, depressive, rageful and melodic (sometimes) just like their citizens Skitsystem, Victims, From Ashes Rise, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Wolfbrigade, etc. This 7" is released in '08 by Halvfabrikat Records. So if you like this wave of swedish crust, just grab it.


Nikmat Olalim - Battle Legacy

Nikmat Olalim is a hardcore punk band from Israel. They've been around from '01 to ' 05. Influenced by political hc punk bands like Dead Kennedys, Nekhei Naatza, Dir Yassin. They have released two records and a split with Turkish anarcho-crust band Your Kingdom Is Doomed and another split wit Oi Polloi, they have also taken part in several compilations. The lyrics in that cd are mostly about the daily, shitty situations about life in Israel.


Holokaust - st 7"

This is a d-beat crust band from California / USA, formed in '99. Influenced by bands like Discharge, Joy Division, Anti-Cimex, Wolfpack, Disclose, Black Sabbath, Motörhead. You can notice the dark and depressive side of their music but not in a melodic way. The sound is just straight to your face. This 7" is released by After The Bombs Records, on 2002. The booklet includes a good and informing interview of the band.

Note: the interview is not from the booklet, it is from Agitate #10, thanks to billy for the correction.

Arrebato - Muchas Palabras en Poco Tiempo

Arrebato is a hardcore punk / crust band from Argentina. Arrebato means "sudden punch in the face" in spanish slang. They're formed in '06 in Moron (yeah, a great name for a city) / Argentina. This EP is released in '09 and uploaded by the band's drummer Nicholas, thanks a lot to him by the way. Too bad they have split up now. Great blend of melodies and aggresiveness. The booklet is included in the folder and the lyrics are translated to english by Nicholas (the drummer of the band, in case you forgot). This is something you should definitely check out.

Heimat-los - Schlag! 7"

Heimat-los is a quite unique hardcore punk band from Paris / France. Formed in '83, they can be considered as the first hardcore punk band in France. Influenced by bands like; Dead Kennedys, Discharge, Razzia, Siege, Kaaos, Negazione, etc. The lyrics are mostly about wars (especially the nazi era and the apartheid) and the hardcore punk scene of the time. And they sing in English, Finnish, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian and French. The reason behind that is, the phonetic qualities of the languages, the song structures (the lyrical themes) and the band's interest in foreign scenes. Heimat-los (stateless person in german) stands for that internationalist spirit.


Infekcja - Symbioza 7''

Infekcja is an anarcho crust band from Poland. Formed in '91 under the name Krwawa Uryna Jana Pawla II (Bloody Urine Pope John Paul II) and quickly changed that awful name. Recorded their 1st demo in '94 and released too many records till then. And one important thing about the band: they don't give interviews. Influenced by bands like; Rattus, Dropdead, Hiatus, Homomilitia, Amebix, Doom, Nausea, G-ANX, they mostly sing about personal struggles in that 7".