Sinat Hinam - st

I came across to this band on Giora's FTP blog a few weeks ago. It's a great blog full of israeli hc punk, crust, grind, powerviolence, thrash, punk rock stuff, you can find almost any band from israel in there. Now done with the advertisement.

שנאת חינם (Sinat Hinam / Hatred) is a metal influenced crust band from Israel. Formed around '05 and split up around '08, if i'm not mistaken. This cd is released in '07, includes 7 songs and is around 25 minutes. All the songs are in hebrew, which is a huge plus for the band in my opinion. Bands who sing in their native language have always been more interesting. Their music is far from punk but mostly crust metal, especially the guitars and the vocals are heavily black metal influenced, like some other stenchcore bands, but the music is not as "swampy" as stenchcore. Some of the influences of the band are; "Axegrinder, Amebix, Wretched, Nerorgasmo, Dir Yassin, Napalm Death, D.S.-13, Motörhead, Hellshock, etc". The band members describe their music as "a neandertalic caveman crushing the angel of death's head on the ruins of the jewish temple in jerusalem".


  1. thanks for the kind words and the link! cool blog!

  2. The last song on this is so fucking good. Thanks for the upload!