Makiladoras - Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10''

For there is the world cup final game between netherlands and spain tonight, i decided to post a dutch and a spanish band tonight. and whoever becomes the world champion gets to kick your ass more than before, whatever. and one more thing for the fellow americans, it is called football, not soccer.

Female fronted crust metal from Netherlands. The music and the vocals are powerful and raging. Maquiladoras (or as they write: Makiladoras) are free-trade zones in Mexico. ‘Free’ means free to exploit, the workers in this kind of places don’t have any rights. The band was active between '99 - '06. They toured a lot, they released a 12", a split 7" with Radio Bikini, this release as a 10", and a discography cd. And like many other diy bands they took part in some compilations.
Check the band's webpage for more info:

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