Systemskifte - Demo

Wilke contacted me on .shit.face.book. a while ago and told me about the band, i've never heard about them before but i really liked what i heard and am glad that he contacted me. Here's his description of the band and the download link he provided:

"Our name is Systemskifte, we play Crustpunk and come from a little swedish city called Nyköping. We started out in September 2009 and recorded this cd-r in December 2009. We're inspired by bands like Doom, Totalitär, Warsore, Ekkaia, Anti-Cimex and Crass. Our lyrics are very political. We haven't played live since may 2010 (Cos we have been practising a lot to change the sound a bit) but now in the winter we're gonna start playing live again and record our new stuff, we still play fast and we're still angry haha!"


  1. hey i've linked you on my page. do you think you can link me too?



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