Total Terror - Demo & Unreleased LP

Another metal influenced crust band from sweden. It is a side project of the well known Dan Swanö. But unlike his all other bands this band is raw as fuck. In '93 with Edge Of Sanity members they formed this band and released a demo in the same year, in '94 they record an LP but they don't release it. This year they've decided to remaster the both records and release. But i'm going to post the older and rawer versions of them now.




Coäccion - Invertebrado

The band is from tijuana / mexico, formed in '01. They are influenced by bands like; Skitsystem, Wolfpack, Nausea, Disrupt, Misery, Human Waste, etc. They play dark d-beat crust. All the lyrics are in spanish but there are english translations included. Also the drummer is doing the vocals in the band.



Senata Fox - The Acracy Discourse

This is the discography cd of the croatian faaaaaaaaast and furious band. The band is formed in '99. Their lyrics are about life, nature, relationships, politics, human and animal rights are accompanied with fast and thrashy hardcore/punk music. The band members are, or were, involved in HC/punk/diy community through various bands (Panaceja, Amok, Drotweiller, Lunar, Nikad, Razlog Za, 5 Minutes To Steve...) and activities (zines, labels, booking...). Discography of the band includes the split tape with serbian grindcore band No Abuse (released through Good Samaritan and Libber Tea), split 7" with Unison (also from Serbia, released through Good Samaritan) as well as the split LP with croatian anarcho crust legends AK-47 (released through five different labels).



Systematic Overthrow - Demo

Systematic Overthrow is a female fronted crust metal band from Indiana, USA. Formed in '05, released only one demo and split up in '06 or '07, i'm not sure. The guitar work is especially amazing in that demo, great riffs and solos, the vocals are insane and angry too with a little touch of melody. When Systematic Overthrow split up some members formed The Utah Spirit Babies and Munashii.



Galbak - Kruipt Waar Het Niet Gaan

Galbak is from Alphen / Netherlands, formed in '99. They play anarcho hardcore metal with some crust and ska influences here and there. They've released two demos and one album, and took part in several compilations. They are influenced by bands like; Aus-Rotten, Pantera, Harum Scarum, etc. The lyrics in this album are mostly about police brutality, activism, multinational corporations, the false image of beauty, society pressure, etc. You can buy their stuff directly from the band or you can find them in several distros.



Hiatus - st

Hiatus is an anarcho crust band from Belgium, formed in '89. They released many 7"es, LP's , cd's and splits. This LP is released in '96, you can find more info from here.


Final Exit - Umeå

The band is sXe, they're formed in '87 and one of the first hardcore bands in Umeå. This is their second album, released in '97. It's raw, fast, brutal, straight to your face hardcore. They thought they were too real for that hardcore scene (what kind of a reason that is, to quit a band?) and they are not around anymore.



Bad Brains - Legends From The End Of Time

The band is from france and has no similarity with the american band. This mini LP is released in '83 and they play early pop punk, similar to bands like Buzzcocks, 999 and Ramones. They especially sound like the naive pop punk songs of Ramones. We usually don't post that kinda stuff in the blog but i guess this band deserves respect. If you like to relax on a hot summer day this can be a good alternative.



Raw Power - Screams From The Gutter

Raw Power is an italian hc punk band, formed in '81. This LP is released in '85. The band name describes their music exactly. Raw fucking power!


Click HERE for more info.

Apparently the last song was missing, grab it from here: POLITICIANS.


Ana Barata & Speedergarben Split

Ana Barata is a raw crust punk band from sweden. Influenced by bands like Totalt Jävla Mörker, Krigshot, Skitsystem. Speedergarben is a fast raw punk band from norway. There are some rock'n'roll influences in their guitar riffs and solos. This split is released in '07, can be found for a fair price in some distros.


Totalitär - Sin Egen Motståndare

Totalitär is formed in 85, and they released lots of stuff until this release in 94. And after that they kept on releasing stuff, bla bla. They are still playing. Fast crusty swedish discore thrash with a little melodies here and there.



Totalt Jävla Mörker & Human Waste Split

Two great darkened d-beat crust bands from sweden. This split is released in o6. Totalt Jävla Mörker is really rageful and so is Human Waste. So if you are looking for something to punch walls to, this split will be a good choice. Or if you just like raging hardcore crust with intelligent lyrics. This split is good in any occasion.


Totalt Jävla Mörker - st

Totalt Jävla Mörker - Människans Ringa Värde

Mässmörd - Inget Liv / Ingen Död

Mässmörd is a crust band from sweden. Formed in '04. This is the first LP of the band, released in '06. They have current/former members of such bands as DEUNGA, ARTICLE NINE, BEYOND PINK and VÅNING 5 .They have been compared to "WOLFBRIGADE and TO WHAT END? mixed with some FROM ASHES RISE and KYLESA. The italic part is written by Profane Existence.



Makiladoras - In Eigen Hand 12"

Female fronted crust metal from Netherlands. The music and the vocals are powerful and raging. Maquiladoras (or as they write: Makiladoras) are free-trade zones in Mexico. ‘Free’ means free to exploit, the workers in this kind of places don’t have any rights. The band was active between '99 - '06. They toured a lot, they released a 10", a split 7" with Radio Bikini, this release as a 12" and a cd, and a discography cd. And like many other diy bands they took part in some compilations.


Amebix - Arise! & Monolith

This is the 100th post of the blog so it should be something special, right?
So it's gonna be an Amebix double post with their first and second LP's.
I guess everyone reading these lines knows what Amebix is all about; "Doomsday, stench, filth, nuclear wars, alcohol" and every other crust related thing you can think of. Because they are the fucking godfathers of that genre. I don't think these LP's need more describing, grab them if you haven't already.