Sinat Hinam - st

I came across to this band on Giora's FTP blog a few weeks ago. It's a great blog full of israeli hc punk, crust, grind, powerviolence, thrash, punk rock stuff, you can find almost any band from israel in there. Now done with the advertisement.

שנאת חינם (Sinat Hinam / Hatred) is a metal influenced crust band from Israel. Formed around '05 and split up around '08, if i'm not mistaken. This cd is released in '07, includes 7 songs and is around 25 minutes. All the songs are in hebrew, which is a huge plus for the band in my opinion. Bands who sing in their native language have always been more interesting. Their music is far from punk but mostly crust metal, especially the guitars and the vocals are heavily black metal influenced, like some other stenchcore bands, but the music is not as "swampy" as stenchcore. Some of the influences of the band are; "Axegrinder, Amebix, Wretched, Nerorgasmo, Dir Yassin, Napalm Death, D.S.-13, Motörhead, Hellshock, etc". The band members describe their music as "a neandertalic caveman crushing the angel of death's head on the ruins of the jewish temple in jerusalem".


Fuck The Facts & Sylvester Staline Split 7''

This is a legendary split of two good bands.First band is Sylvester Staline.They are from france and they are playing fastcore like infest. They have 9 songs in this split and all their songs are really devilish and raw. i love this band. Second band is Fuck the Facts. This band is a canadian female fronted grindcore band, formed in 1998.They have 4 songs in this split and two of them are cover songs. Their music is very shined grindcore with raw vocals and unholy guitar riffs. I think you should listen this split.

to listen


Bostaurus - Demo

Bostaurus is a crust'n'roll band from Leipzig / Germany. Formed in '06, released this demo cd that year and released an LP called Made In Hellfire in '08. Influenced by bands like Krigshot and Disfear. If you are fed up with the neo-crust madness or the post-nuclear toxic copycat crust, Bostaurus will be a great getaway.


Obstructed - Demo

Obstructed is a raw and noisy crust band from Oulu / Finland. They are formed in '06, have released this demo cd-r in '07. Their music is 100 % improvisation. The explain that by: "The idea of playing improvised crust we got from the crappy bands, which made us think if it's possible to create better songs than they have just by playing whatever riffs comes first in mind, shouting whatever comes to our mind. So we tried and got some stuff recorded. And it was hell of a fun!" The demo is released on Attack To Society Distro, i believe there are still some copies and you can get for a nice price.


Knuste Ruter - Var Det Bare En Løgn 7"

Knuste Ruter is a hardcore punk band from Oslo / Norway. They're formed in '07, released this 7" in '08 and released an Lp called Gjennmo Veggene in '10 on Sjakk Matt Plater. Their music is classical norwegian hardcore, reminds me of bands like; Hevn, Kafka Prosess, Data Morgana, Betong Hysteria and similar norwegian hardcore acts. Knuste Ruter means "broken windows" in norwegian and this is what you will see when you start to play the record.


Katie Katty - Monster Cat Creep Show 7"

Katie Katty is an all-girl hardcore punk band from Kobe / Japan. They have released a demo in '05 and they have released this 7" in '05. The demo is more melodic and more catchy but the ep is quite raw and noisy. Their music is a little similar to Finnish all-girl hc punk band Khatarina, so you can get an idea of them. If you have any idea about noisy girls who slaps you in the face real hard when you fight, this is what you'll find in that 7".


Lastsentence - Beginning Of The Close Mind 7"

Incredibly fast and noisy female fronted crasher crust from Osaka / Japan. Ex-members of Nationstate, Ferocious X, Devastated are in the band. They've recorded their first demo in '08 and they've released this ep in '10. The songs are mostly the same ones in the demo, but re-recorded. Some people call them "Frigöra with female vocals" and i say they have a point.