Yacøpsæ & Massgrav Split 5''

Another great split. Germany's great powerviolence trio team up with Sweden's brutal crusties for this split. 2 bands, 4 songs which are all covers by the way and 5 minutes. Sounds great to me. Yacøpsæ pays tribute to Gang Green and Verbal Abuse while Massgrav covers Eddie Menduza and Los Crudos.


Against All Authority & Common Rider Split / Against All Authority & The Criminals Split

AAA is a well-known anarcho ska punk from USA and so is Common Rider. Both are loyal to DIY ethics. This split is released in 2005.


The Criminals is a punk rock band from USA. This CD benefits the Berkeley Free Clinic, which offers medical care, HIV testing, STD treatment, counseling, and needle exchange.


Thanks to belA from Punk-Art for uploading these splits.

Youssouf Today & Operation Eat Shit Split 7"

Both bands are from France. This 7" is released in 2006 and can be found on some distros for a fair price. Youssouf Today plays oldschool, raging thrash/hardcore, sounds a bit like Limp Wrist. Operation Eat Shit is female fronted raw & thrash/hardcore punk.



Point Of Few & Betercore Split 7"

Both bands are from The Netherlands and play really faaaaaast hardcore punk. Some of you like to call that shit as fastcore, powerviolence, thrashcore or other various names. But both bands don't fit in to these labels exactly but anyway thrashcore would be a better label i guess. Even though both call themselves as "youthcrust". Enough said i guess.



The Plague Mass - Deathless EP

The Plague Mass is a metalcore band from Austria. Although their music is metalcore, they describe themselves as "hardcore punk" which is true in a way, with their political thoughts and diy ethics. And they don't play boring metalcore either. There are some neo-crust moments in the songs. They used to be called as "Pledge Allegiance" before but now they are The Plague Mass. They've played some shows in Turkey in past years and they played once again last sunday, which was fucking amazing. The records tell too little about their performance on stage. If you get the chance to see them live, don't ever hesitate, just be there and enjoy it and buy a couple of cd's / 7"es.



Nerorgasmo - st 7"

Nerorgasmo (Black Orgasm) is an evil hardcore punk band from Torino / Italy. This is one of the best hardcore record from the 80's in Italy. The band was active from '84 to '93. The year when the vocalist died on overdose. The band is not as fast as fuck and brutal but it's dark in a way with individual and nihilistic lyrics, you love it. I don't understand the lyrics but it's still great. They released two records, one EP in '85 and one LP in '93. Now grab it! Great band name by the way.



Bannlyst - La Dem Ikke Lure Deg 7''

Bannlyst is a hardcore punk band from Norway. They released one demo tape in '83, one split tape with Angor Wat and the La Dem Ikke Lure Deg 7''. The split and the 7" are both released in '84. The 7" is released from X-Port Plater which is Gunnar Noven's label, who sings in Svart Framtid. Some members went on with So Much Hate and Stengte Dører later.



Verdict - Demo

Verdict is an sxe vegan metallic hardcore band from Russia. This mcd demo is released in 2007. I think it's out of print, i got it from a trade with an ukrainian friend and i didn't know he was gonna send Verdict, but i'm very happy he sent it. There are 2 tracks and 1 intro in this mcd and they are really great. All the songs are in russian but you can find their english translations on their myspace. Try to grab this mcd as a solid material because it looks nice in your cd archive, way better than mp3s.



34 Releases From Crust Or Die Blogspot

A superduper post from Crust Or Die. 34 great releases, including; Nasum, Pisschrist, Nuclear Death Terror, Resist And Exist, Warvictims, 3 Way Cum, Audio Kollaps, Deviated Instinct, Framtid, Jobbykrust and more. Thanks to Maurix from Crust Or Die for this post. Cheers Mate!

Grab them from here


Resist And Exist - Music For Social Change

Legendary anarcho crust punk band from Orange County. They are more than just a music band, since their start in '91, they have been involved in a variety of campaigns to organize people to engage in political protests. They also are often involved with putting on benefits and raising money for political prisoners and causes. This release includes 1st & 2nd Ep on Cd and studio songs from their old demo.


Ultimate Blowup - Rehearsal Demo

"Ultimate Blowup was formed in late 2008 and they got the band started in 2009 to play what they like so much. It has ex and current members of shit loads of bands and projects like Truth We Defend, Sakatat, Rott-Fish, Decaying Pürity (the grindcore one, in 2003), Circuits Made Flesh, Never Reach Home, You Name It I hate It, Stevan Flipovic etc. If you're interested in releasing their stuff please get in touch. DIY punk."

Info taken from their myspace page.

This is their first rehearsal demo, recorded in 2009. If you like early powerviolence/fastcore like Infest, Crossed Out, Neanderthal i'm pretty sure you'll love that one too.



Rai Ko Ris - Himalayan Frostbite 7"

Rai Ko Ris is a hardcore punk band from Nepal. Yes. And i'm too lazy to write down about them now. And i know you are all lazy bums too, so i'll give you a link to read about the band. And a download link for sure. Sounds fair enough.


Band's Last.fm page


Homomilitia - Twoje Ciało, Twój Wybór

Homomilitia was an anarchist crust / hardcore punk band from Łódz, Poland. Like most of the crust / hc punk bands with female & male vocals, they sound a bit like Nausea. But not much, they have their own kind of music. They do sound unique actually. I'm not sure but some of the band members are also gay i heard / read. Do you care if they are gay or not? They all got bigger balls / ovaries than most of you fuckers reading these boring lines. Now get off the internet and do something!



Ambulance - Dawn Of A New Beginning EP

Melodic crust from sweden. With a really high production and a polished package. Some members of the band are also involved in bands like Human Waste, Dödsdömd, etc. This ep is released in 2006 and contains 3 tracks. Enjoy!



Kafka Prosess - Live in Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen Denmark 4-05-86

Kafka Prosess is a norwegian hardcore punk legend, which was active during '85 - ' 87. Born from the ashes of Svart Framtid. Members are also involved in bands like Blindt Hat, Bannlyst, So Much Hate, Stengte Dører, etc. This is a recording of their live show in Ungdomshuset, and the record quality can be considered good. If you like the band you should definitely listen to this, well if you haven't heard about them before, try their LP first.



Gang Green - Preschool

Gang Green is an important hardcore punk band of Boston Hardcore Scene.They are from Massachusetts and They played Hardcore Punk the years between 1980 and 1998.This band is Cult.Just download it.


Big Black - Songs About Fucking

Big Black is an american post punk/noise rock band.They are from Illinois.The band was active between 1982 and 1987.Songs About Fucking is their second studio album and it is perfect.If you want to listen some noise rock this is the best.