Capitalist Casualties - Raised Ignorant 7"

Capitalist Casualties is an american power violence band.They formed in 1986 and published lots of releases,also they are still active today.Raised Ignorant is an important 7 inch of them(1993).Very good stuff.This is old school pw from west coast.This is hell.(by the way sorry for my poor english,my brain is a mess tonight)

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Ciudad Del Kaos - Cuando El Dialogo No Conduce A Nada

Ciudad Del Kaos is a furious crust band from Santiago / Chile. They're formed in '04, released their first demo in '05. This record is released in '07 and it's their latest material. The music is quite powerful, especially the drummer does a great work with cymbals at the 3rd song Mentira, and the 8th song Sabotaje Grafico is pretty raging too. There are some thrash metal moments in the record too.


Arrebato - Demo

Arrebato is a hardcore punk / crust band from Argentina. Arrebato means "sudden punch in the face" in spanish slang. They're formed in '06 in Moron (yeah, a great name for a city) / Argentina. They've released one demo and two EP's if i'm not mistaken. I'm going to post their first demo here. There are 4 songs and it's about 6 minutes long. Their music reminds me of the italian legends Raw Power. Their other influences are; Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Wolfpack, Victims, Ratos De Porao, etc.


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Detox - Demo

Detox is a female fronted band from Beirut / Lebanon. They are the first punk band in that country, formed in '05 under a different name and a slightly different line up. They sing about toxication, the streets of Hamra, cops, militias and the wars, especially the war in '06 between israel and lebanon. Basically they sing about everything that's just the opposite of Detox. Heavily influenced by bands like; Discharge, Motörhead, GBH, The Anti-Nowhere League, The Plasmatics. They were going to play a show in İstanbul in ResistFest, but some legal issues caused shit and we couldn't meet them, maybe next time. Till then, Sing along to Motörhead!



Bombstrike - Äckel 7''

Bombstrike is a metallic d-beat crust band from Stockholm / Sweden. They're formed in '97 and released several demos, and records. This EP is released in '07. There are 4 songs and it's less than 8 minutes. One of the songs is a cover by the death/crust band Oral. The sound quality is pretty good, neither polished nor sucky, it's just the way it should be. Some people think Bombstrike is better than Skitsystem in that "metallic d-beat crust" thing, i think they both are great. Especially the riffs in the 2nd song Kvasiorkor, are truly amazing.


Banzai Warmaster - Demo

Here is another band from Oulu / Finland. Banzai Warmaster plays crust, but they are also influenced heavily by some metal bands like; Venom, Sabbat, Abigail, Hellhammer, Holy Moses, etc. This demo is released in '09, and it's the bands' first release. So grab it if you play some baphomet pictured records in your room.


Axebastard - Demo

Axebastard is a crust band from Oulu / Finland. They play the hellish crust which some of us would like to call as "stenchcore". Like their name, their music is a mix of Hellbastard and Axegrinder and similar bands. There are some death metal moments here and there too. If you like apocalyptic crust, you'll like that one too.



F-Minus & Crack Rock Steady 7 Split

F-Minus is a hardcore punk / thrashcore band from California. They've been around during '95 - '04. Their songs are quite short, fast and aggressive. And their music reminds me of Nausea, especially the male/female vocal duo. Crack Rock Steady 7 is just Leftöver Crack with some more people. They play their regular crack rocksteady / crust music as usual, not much ska in that split though.

If you're working for the white man then jump up and sing along!



Bandanos - We Crush Your Mind With The Thrash Inside

The band members are well known and respected people in the Sao Paolo hardcore punk scene. Some of the bands they play are; No Violence, Questions, Intifada, Point Of No Return, Inspire, War Inside and more. Their aim is to bring back the hardcore punk spirit in the thrash metal scene, their music sounds like Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Accüsed, No Mercy but their sound is unique in a way too. This is their only full length album, released in '07.