Graffiti 3X - Esto No Es Un Juego (1998)

This is cult Mexican anarcho punk/hardcore band from Ciudad de México city that was formed in 1994. They play fast, agressive and melodic hardcore by combining punk, surf, hardcore and ska elements. Lyrics are based on topics like problems of lower class, worker rights and refugee problems. Band has released seven albums till now. "Esto No Es Un Juego" (In English: "This Is Not Game") is third record in their discography. Yeah, they believe graffiti is a street art so they gave this name. Vocalist Roberto Wong liked the cartoons and watched as he left the XXX liquor bottle, the 3X is a childhood memory for him.



  1. the singer of that band became a Christian, after its members became Christians too

    cheers men!!!! greetings from mexico!

  2. sorry! They never were anarchist, just a punk band.

  3. the circle a in the logo and the lyrics seem like they are anarchists.