Infekcja - Symbioza 7''

Infekcja is an anarcho crust band from Poland. Formed in '91 under the name Krwawa Uryna Jana Pawla II (Bloody Urine Pope John Paul II) and quickly changed that awful name. Recorded their 1st demo in '94 and released too many records till then. And one important thing about the band: they don't give interviews. Influenced by bands like; Rattus, Dropdead, Hiatus, Homomilitia, Amebix, Doom, Nausea, G-ANX, they mostly sing about personal struggles in that 7".



Colored Rice Men - ...Jealousy Wars

Colored Rice Men is a hardcore punk band from Japan. Formed by the members of the mighty Lip Cream. This is perfect japanese hardcore with a spastic saxophone player, yeah you heard it. Lip Cream, Japanese HC and saxophone, does that need more explanation?



Fuck Lukaschenko - DIY Punk Belarus Compilation

The title pretty much sums it up. It's a compilation by political punk bands from Belarus. Not only "punk" bands though. There are too many genres involved, from grindcore to folk punk. Includes 24 bands and 37 songs, comes with a diy patch of 375 crew. Some of the bands in the cd are; AntiGlobalizator, Pet Nihil, Appleshout, Hate To State, Follow The Sun. If you are interested in political punk from anywhere in the world, this is one of the cd's you are going to love.



Let's Burn Vol. 1

I consider this tape as one of the most important compilations ever made in Swedish scene. Being released in '85 and includin' bands like Mob 47, The Bristles, Trojne, Sound Of Disaster, Agoni, Total Egon, etc makes it the perfect milestone. Don't think much, if you are into any kind of swedish hc punk, you must listen to that.


Result - I Can Go Die 7"

Result is a band from Japan. They are formed by Takeshi (who used to sing in C.F.D.L. before that and sung in several bands like Filth Chain, Bacteria.) And the other members of the band played in Muga when Result split up. There aren't much info about them on the internet actually. If you know something you can share, leave a comment and inform me. In this 7" they play ripper crust but their later releases are a bit melodic but not like the boring melodic crust crap. They are great too, i'm going to post their self titled LP soon too. For now deal with that.



Riotous & Atomvinter Split

This split is called "Barley Army split" and released especially for the Apocalyptic Crust Fest II, released both as a CD and an LP. Both bands have 10 songs here, and the whole record is about 40 minutes. Atomvinter hail from gothenburg / sweden and they haven't been around for a long time. They play quite unique crust with strong political lyrics. Riotous are from chicago / usa. They play metallic d-beat crust. The CD is printed to 300 copies and it's sold out, i'm not sure about the LP though.