E150 - Discography

The world cup is ending tonight. Holland vs Spain. I've always been a fan of dutch football since i was a little kid, maybe it's because of Gullit's funky hair, i'm not sure. But i hope we won't be seein such a boring cup again and i'm truly happy not to hear vuvuzelas anymore. Anyways for the memory of the cup i'm posting a dutch and a spanish band tonight. And E150 is the spanish one.

E150 is a fast hc punk band from Barcelona / Spain. They've been around from '95 to '04. Influenced by bands like; Gauze, Lipcream, Systematic Death, etc. This discography cd includes all their recorded stuff, and is released in '01. You'll get your mad spanish hardcore punk dose with this tonight, if the spanish team wins the cup. If they don't win it, you can still listen to E150 and smash the windows and cry "damn you david villa, how can't you score that?!!"

This post is dedicated to Carles Puyol even though he'll never see it. For those who don't know, Puyol's favorite bands include Napalm Death and Ramones, and he listens to these and similar bands to get psyched up before the games, no wonder he is so great.


  1. ahahaha, that's cool,Carles rules!and Barca rules too!!!!
    Anti we chatted some years ago in slsk,if i rememebr correct you are a Fenerbahçe fan,dont you?
    give hell to PAOK dude! give em hell!
    ARIS forever!

  2. hey mate, nice to see an old slsk fella around. yeah i'm a dedicated fenerbahçe fan. i won't be able to give hell to paok in the stadium because i am banned for 6 months ;) but our team and my mates will do the best they can against PAOK. respect to super 3 antifascistas!

  3. i 'd be glad to see you win in the away game and make them shut their mouths up,only a few of their players are worth to mention and there was a helping background hand (and news papers propaganda) the last two years that brought them where they are but now F.Santos left them.
    see ya round dude,my best wishes


  4. i know they aren't quite a strong team but shit happens in football. thanks for your good wishes.
    take care.