Tremors - S/T Demo Tape (2011)

Yess, this is pure fuckin’ hardcore that is tasty and full of old school as you want. London’s Tremors play aggressive, vicious and fast-paced hardcore, ready for jumping from the window! This is their self-titled demo tape, including ripper 6 tracks to shake your brain. Think old school American hardcore such as Minor Threat, SSD, Black Flag, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits. Especially these guys make the noise in the way of legendary youth crew era. Some tracks such as “No Comment”, “Addicted To Failure” have excellent guitar parts with engaging attractive riffs. The speed don’t cease and attractive melodic sections are causing you to lose yourself. Real hardcore feast of 8-9 minutes if you look for some old-fashioned stuff. Tremors hit a strong crochet to your face with their first recording yet.



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