Dishumanity - Radijacija

Dishumanity is d-beat hc punk band from Kragujevac(Serbia).Band is spreading the noise since october 2009 with same band members and that is: Kimi-guitar Dusan-Bass Vuk-drums,vocals.First album was recorded in october 2010 and its called ''Radijacija" with 12 songs and 13th cover song from ex yu hc punk band Distress,with no fuckin luck label is DIY.Now in January of 2011 band recorded one EP with one hc punk grind holland band and its still in progress,arts,label and other shits....strongly d-beat hard core punk noise with dark apocalyptic anti war anti politics anti capitalist lyrics.

many thanks to vuk (the drummer/singer of the band) for sharing the band with us and writing that info about the band.