Conga Fury - Never Die (2008)

I wonder the mental hospital those Japanese guys came out. Intense fast, staggering and chaotic Japanese thrashpunx agression with screeching bitchy vocals. Noisecore or thrashcore, describe this how do you want, Kochi City’s Conga Fury is one of the fastest hardcore/powerviolence band in new generation. 22-track LP was released in 2008 by Six Weeks, “Never Dies” has scratchy guitar sound is extremely low-fi, totally destructive riffs at light speed, in addition to fastest drumming there are sometimes d-beat sections, and the sudden appearance of gang vocals as chorus in many parts, the result we face with a band that does not slow down the even for 1 second. They really kick the listener’s ass with their unrelenting destruction noise completely, and their passion about anime artwork seems again in this record. Maybe Japan has not seen such a fastest band that has also a screw loose. If you already follow the underground market of this country then you know how they’re important for extreme hardcore scene.