Eskorbuto - Eskizofrenia

Eskorbuto is a 77 style anarcho punk rock band from Basque Country / Spain. They were active between '80 - '98. They are one of the first bands to play punk rock with spanish lyrics. Eskorbuto means "scurvy" in english. Their lyrics are mostly socio-politic and about the conflict between basque and spain, they criticize both sides. "Rock does not have a mother country, not even the Basque". Two of the members died of heroin. Those fuckin junkies made great music, even though i hate junkies.



Ketum - Ceasefire Ethics

Ketum is a death metal /grindcore/ crustcore band from İzmir / Turkey. Their sound is like a mix of modern Napalm Death with some anarchopunk influences. This is their second demo, released in '06 and it's really good, try it!


Kronik - Endless War

Kronik is a thrash metal band from İstanbul / Turkey. They are formed in '85 and this tape is released in '92 and i believe this is their best material. Their lyrics are mostly in an anti-militaristic level which is a good thing for a thrash metal band for sure.


Electro Hippies - The Only Good Punk...

The band is formed in '85 in Wigan / England. The band was not active for a long period of time but they are one of the main roots of today's extreme music, including grindcore, crust, hardcore punk and thrashcore. Well known Jeff Walker of Carcass & Napalm Death was in that band too, did you know that punk?


Radical Noise - 14 More Reasons To Burn Us Down

The band is formed in '92 and they are one of the most influential bands in turkish hc scene. This is the first full length of the band, released in '97 from Soa Records. They play hardcore but this release sounds more like crusty hardcore. They released a demo before that and two more full lengths, a bootleg -Live In Casablanca- (if there are more bootlegs inform me), and they took part in some compilations.


LxExAxRxNx - First Lesson

Learn is a thrashcore band from Palermo. They are d.i.y. hardcore guys who likes to skate and fastcore music. This is their first 7" and it is perfect. Now download it but if you like this music buy their records from their myspace.



Agathocles - Humarrogance

Agathocles is a legendary grindcore band from belgium. They call themselves "mincecore militans". This album is released in 1997 and it has so fuckin terrorism. Listen it. By the way bass player of Agathocles "Tony" died last year.Rest in Peace.


Ulcerrhoea - Line And Row

Ulcerrhoea is a powwa violence/grindcore band from germany.They formed in 1998 as a death metal band but now they are all over in punk mentality.This album includes 40 fuckin songs and its total fucking brutality.download it.


Chemical Disease - In The City Of Chaos

Chemiki Epidimia (Chemical Disease) is an anarcho crust band from Athens / Greece with male & female brutal vocals. If you like european dark crust (not much melodic) i guess you'll like that one. I've grabbed that from Crustcracker Blog a while ago but now the link on his page is no longer active so i thought it may be a good idea to upload that. Thanks to crustcracker.



Arcatera - The Lot Of Man - To Suffer And Die

Arcatera is a neocrust band from Sweden. Influenced by bands like; Ekkaia, From Ashes Rise, Wolfpack, At The Gates and much more. They released a split 7" with Reign Of Bombs, a split cd with the Turkish Anarcho Crust band Your Kingdom Is Doomed, a demo cd-r and this cd in '06.


Arcatera website
Arcatera Myspace

Against Empire & Iskra Split

This really powerful and thrash & black metal influenced split cd is a must for all the heavy politic crustcore lovers. A//E has 5 songs with duel vocals and thrashy crust punk riffs. On the other side Iskra offers 4 songs with great lyrics and black metallish crust stench. The split comes with a 16 page booklet. The lyrics are also really good, read them. Btw the split is called "Bring The War Home" and it's released in 2006.


Filthy Christians - Mean

Great crusty grindcore from Sweden. The bloody guy in the cover art is a dead swedish prime minister. Recommended for all the smelly grinders or hungry crusties, but not for the hardcore kids this time.


Reign Of Bombs - Demo

Reign of Bombs is a d-beat crust'n'roll band from Umea. Formed in '03. They say they are influenced by motorcycles, drugs and machineguns. I say if mad max had a record player with him in the desert, this would be the music he'd kill bad guys to.


Reign Of Bombs & Arcatera Split


Totalt Jävla Mörker - st

Totalt Jävla Mörker (Total Fucking Darkness) is an extreme hardcore / d-beat crust band from Skellefteå / Sweden. This is their last full length, released in '06. They will be releasing a new album this summer, called "Sondra Och Harska". The lyrics in this album are mostly about media misinformation, alienation in the virtual world of capitalism, parental violence, oil wars, political sentences & executions, etc.


Totalt Jävla Mörker - Människans Ringa Värde

"Vi offrar allt
Slaktar tusenfalt
Våra liv slits i stycken
Bevittna de sista dödsrycken"

Zorka - st

Zorka is a grindcore / crust band from Russia. They formed up in '06, in '07 they released a four song demo, and in '09 they released this full length. They have took part in some compilations also. The lyrics are mostly socio-political. All the songs are in russian but in the booklet you can find english translations with explanations.


Egohine & Daily O.D. Split CD

Both bands are from France. The split cd is released in 2008. Daily O.D. plays anarcho hardcore punk / crust with some melodic and emotional influences with male / female vocals. They played a show in istanbul about a month ago which was amazing. And Egohine plays that thing called as the "emocrust". Which is also really good. It is worth a shot for the crusties with glasses. Or the hardcore kids who don't have skateboard shoes. Or the punks who don't have mohawks.


Check LUSTUCRUST for more info.


Filthy Christians & G-ANX Split 7''

A classic split from sweden. Filthy Christians play crusty grind with some slow parts here and there. Per (the singer of Filthy Christians) was also in Protes Bengt. G-ANX plays trippy crust / hardcore.


Click for more G-ANX


Vicious Irene - Takin The Night Back

Vicious Irene is an all girl punk rock band from sweden. They play raw yet melodic punk rock with rock'n'roll and d-beat influences. This is the 3rd release of the band which is released in '04. They released another album in '06 after that one. And i think they will release another one in upcoming summer. You can buy their releases from their website for a fair price.



Rashit & Ask It Why - Kadıköy'den Hareketler Split 7"

Split 7" of two very influential turkish bands. Rashit plays punk rock with social lyrics. And Ask it why plays hardcore punk / crossover with funny social lyrics. I'm too lazy to write more info about them right now. You can check their myspace pages for more info.





Beyond Pink - Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja

Beyond Pink is an all-girl crusty hardcore punk band from Malmö / Sweden. This cd contains 12 furious crusty hardcore songs sang by two different kind of vocalists, one is Tijana from Massmörd. Also Ida from Massmörd is in the band. You can hear some swedish hc punk / crust, riot grrrl and 80's hc influences combined perfectly in this album. The lyrics deal with macho/sexist attitude, cops, capitalism, WTO, G8, etc. Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja means "One two, fuck you". If you like hardcore punk, i guess you will like that too. And if you know turkish you can read the interview of the band in the SAĞANAK BEYİN TERÖRÜ fanzine, which i & some friends made. Speak turkish or don't.



Axegrinder - Rise Of The Serpent Men

Axegrinder is from England, which was active through '86 to '91. They play metallic dark crust. As we call it "stenchcore", they are one of the invertors of this genre with Amebix. And as you can see while listening to the album, there is a huge Amebix worship. Which is not bad in any way or can be considered as a rip-off. Which is just total respect to the masters. This LP is released in '88 and it's quite catchy.


Reign Of Bombs & Arcatera Split 7"

Both bands are from the mighty punkland Sweden. Reign of Bombs play amazing d-beat crust'n'roll. Most people define them as "Discharge meets Motörhead", which is true in a way. But not that great for sure haha. And Arcatera plays the modern melodic, depressive yet angry crust with shrieky and growling vocals. Both bands are great, you can find the 7" for a fair price from some european distros i guess. At least i found one from a friend of mine.



The Plague Mass - Visitation

Medication Time!
I've wrote these lines for their Deathless EP; "The Plague Mass is a metalcore band from Austria. Although their music is metalcore, they describe themselves as "hardcore punk" which is true in a way, with their political thoughts and diy ethics. And they don't play boring metalcore either. There are some neo-crust moments in the songs". Read the lyrics, lose control to the music, this release is just great.



Ted Kaczynski - Hate And Death

First of all Ted Kaczynski (aka Unabomber) is an american mathematics professor who later became an anarcho primitivist bomber. You can find more info about him on the net. The band is from Moscow / Russia. A d-beat crust band. 100% DIY, antiracist, straight edge, vegan friendly. All their lyrics are in russian like most of the russian bands, but you can find their english lyrics in booklets or on the net. They have a demo, a split with Stagnation Is Death and this cd. Their music is brutal as it should be and lyrics deal with street wars against the nazis, police opression, economic problems and other things which you can guess.


Band's Myspace

Unabomber Manifest in Turkish

Unabomber Manifest in English


Gas - The Day After

Female fronted japanese hardcore punk classic. And it's their best release. Japan + Hardcore Punk + Female Vocals + 80's = True Classic.

Additional info by !+|Nyarlathotep|+! from soulseek; "Gas recorded one flexi, two eps, one lp, and a split with nikudan. I think last year some japanese label released their flexi, first ep, and some live tracks on lp and cd so depending how much you like GAS, you can still find the lp/cd around the net.



Gauze - Equalizing Distort 12''

A classic from the 80's japanese hardcore punk scene. Gauze is one of the first hardcore bands in Japan, formed in '81. This 12" is released in '86 and it's the 2nd release of the band. Before these two they took place in some compilations. And I believe this is their best stuff ever. Even though the lyrics are a bit weird. But that's ok, all japanese bands have strange lyrics. We all learnt to live through that heh. All of their records are intense actually. Even though they seem to hate vegetarians (which can be seen when you read the lyrics of Crash The Pose) i still like the sound of them.

Check out KFTH page for more info, and you can find the translated lyrics for this 12" too.


Murder - Back To Hell

Murder is a crust band from Ukraine. There are some d-beat and grindcore influences in this album. Sounds like a primitive version of Disrupt. No melodies included, just fast and angry shouting heh. Lyrics are simple and short like the way it should be. But i don't understand some of their lyrics, "High Youth", wtf does that mean haha? Like many other d-beat crust bands they have "anti dis-clone" lyrics in the song "Clone The Cloned Clowns".

You’re so scared
To piss off the ethic!
You’re so typical
And this is so pathetic!