E150 - Discography

The world cup is ending tonight. Holland vs Spain. I've always been a fan of dutch football since i was a little kid, maybe it's because of Gullit's funky hair, i'm not sure. But i hope we won't be seein such a boring cup again and i'm truly happy not to hear vuvuzelas anymore. Anyways for the memory of the cup i'm posting a dutch and a spanish band tonight. And E150 is the spanish one.

E150 is a fast hc punk band from Barcelona / Spain. They've been around from '95 to '04. Influenced by bands like; Gauze, Lipcream, Systematic Death, etc. This discography cd includes all their recorded stuff, and is released in '01. You'll get your mad spanish hardcore punk dose with this tonight, if the spanish team wins the cup. If they don't win it, you can still listen to E150 and smash the windows and cry "damn you david villa, how can't you score that?!!"

This post is dedicated to Carles Puyol even though he'll never see it. For those who don't know, Puyol's favorite bands include Napalm Death and Ramones, and he listens to these and similar bands to get psyched up before the games, no wonder he is so great.

Makiladoras - Niemand Weet Wat De Toekomst Brengt 10''

For there is the world cup final game between netherlands and spain tonight, i decided to post a dutch and a spanish band tonight. and whoever becomes the world champion gets to kick your ass more than before, whatever. and one more thing for the fellow americans, it is called football, not soccer.

Female fronted crust metal from Netherlands. The music and the vocals are powerful and raging. Maquiladoras (or as they write: Makiladoras) are free-trade zones in Mexico. ‘Free’ means free to exploit, the workers in this kind of places don’t have any rights. The band was active between '99 - '06. They toured a lot, they released a 12", a split 7" with Radio Bikini, this release as a 10", and a discography cd. And like many other diy bands they took part in some compilations.
Check the band's webpage for more info:


What happened on july 2nd, 1993?

It is the 2nd of July today, the anniversary of The Sivas Massacre (Sivas Katliamı). In Madımak Hotel, 37 people were burnt to death by radical islamists and facists. Intellectuals have gathered there to celebrate Pir Sultan Abdal's (a 16th century Alevi poet) festival.

The facists and islamists attacked after the moslem's friday prayers. Almost 20,000 of them first marched to the culture center, where the activities took place. They destroyed the monument which was just opened to public view a day ago. Then they marched to the hotel, they broke through the police barriers and surrounded the hotel. The main reason for the islamists and facists being there is to lynch Aziz Nesin, because he's translated Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" at that time. They set the hotel on fire and 37 people including musicians, poets, writers, tourists and hotel staff died. 51 people including Aziz Nesin managed to escape with heavy wounds. When he was recognized, he was beaten by a fireman and a city councilman shouted, "This is the devil we should have really killed."

After lengthy court proceedings, the State Security Court sentenced 33 people to death on 28 November 1997 for their roles in the massacre; 31 of these sentences were upheld in a 2001 appeal. When Turkey overturned the death penalty just over a year later in 2002, the sentences were commuted to life in prison.
Just like any other right wing or islamist attack, the police, army and the firemen DID NOTHING! They just watched the incidents calmly.

What really disgusts me is; that the hotel's grounds floor was a MEAT RESTAURANT for years. Which is really sickening and nauseous. So many petitions were given to municipality and the parliament to make the hotel a museum but the politicians never took these seriously.

The victims are;