Gasmask Terrör - Architects Of Death 7"

This is a d-beat / crust band from Bordeaux / France. They are formed in '04, released a demo, two 7"es and an LP. Their sound is similar to bands like; Totalitär, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Diskonto and that kind of raw stuff. Check their website for more info.


Cria Cuervos - Soap Opera

All girl punk rock band from France. The music is great, i don't know much about the lyrics but i think they are cool too. Check the band's website for more info.


Ted Kaczynski & Stagnation Is Death Split

Ted Kaczynski is from Moscow / Russia. An anarchist d-beat crust band. Their music is brutal and the lyrics are about street wars against the nazis, police opression, economic problems and similar things. Stagnation Is Death is from Torun / Poland. A useful information by the way, Torun means Grandchild in Turkish, that'll help you a lot when you are in Turkey. Stagnation is Death plays heavy crust with some sludge and death metal influences. Their lyrics are about state, authorities and consumer society way of life.


Download Ted Kaczynski - Hate And Death

Harum-Scarum - Suppose We Try

Harum-Scarum is a melodic anarcho punk / crust band from Portland / USA. They are a very influential band for the scene i think. Their music is similar to bands like; Contravene, To What End?, Homomilitia. This record is released in '01.


Crimenes De Guerra - Sangre Rebelde

Crimenes De Guerra is an anarcho punk / crust band from Mexico. There are some raging grind and thrash moments in their music. 12 track of politic crust, this is worth checking.



Appalachian Terror Unit & Wartorn Split

Appalachian Terror Unit is a thrash metal / crust band from West Virginia / USA and i don't know much about Wartorn but their music is metal influenced crust but a bit more melodic than Appalachian Terror Unit. This tour-edition split CD contains the tracks from Appalachian Terror Unit's "Armageddon Won't Be Brought By The Gods..." EP and Wisconsin based crust band Wartorn's sold-out "Prey for Salvation" EP.



Dropdead & Rupture Split 8''

These bands don't need any explanation. If you haven't heard about them before, don't download that either, it may cause serious health problems. I am warning you!


And if you want the original vinyl rip follow THAT LINK ON THE NOISE CORNER

Skarpretter & Bagna Split 7"

Skarpretter is a diy anarcho punk band from Denmark. They are formed by members of Gorilla Angreb, Paragraf 119, Nuclear Death Terror, etc. And they are formed in Ungdomshuset squat. Their music is catchy, raw and angry and the lyrics are smart and straight to your face. Bagna is a raw crust band from Belarus, i don't know much about the band. Their music is dark and rageful, and they sing a cover version of Too Drunk To Fuck in their own language.


Health Hazard - Suffer Discography 93 - 96

Health Hazard is a very influential female fronted hc punk / crust band from England. Suffer are the same people with a different band name. If you like female fronted hc punk / crust, don't hesitate, this is a classic band.


The Scam - Sic World

First of all this is not something i ripped, i found it on soulseek. And i couldn't find much info about the band so please share what you know. "This LP was never officially released, there exist only a couple of copies" says the discogs.com. They released an EP and this unreleased LP. I'll post the EP in the coming days, or weeks. You can check the band's mypace page for more info.


additional info by !+|Nyarlathotep|+! on soulseek; one ep, 2 comp trax, and a lp that was never officialy released because they couldnt find a label to put it out so it was scrapped.
the recorded 2 comp trax in their short existence. one for the 1985 boston hardcore compilation titled Welcome To Ax/ction Island EP and another track for the Revenge Of The Kamikaze LP in 1988.
as for unreleased material there's only the sic world lp and an alternate version of "sic world".
a demo might exist but eric never confirmed this.
their ep was in a limited pressing of 1000 which didnt circulate very much.
there was no touring or promotion of the band. they just played a bunch shows in the local area with other bands like psycho and ptl klub.
lyrics are mostly about death, misery, pain, hate, anger.... couldn't be a more closer definition.

Totalitär - Spela Bort Allt Du Har 7"

This is a great legendary band from Sweden. Formed in '85 and still active to this day. This 7" is released in '02 and it's not my favorite stuff by the band but i'd like to post it, so we young people would be ashamed of ourselves haha. These people are maybe older than your parents and they can kick your and your parents' asses. So, get it punk!


Download Sin Egen Motståndare

Acursed - A Fascist State In Disguise

Acursed is a crust band from Sweden. Formed in late '90's. This is their first released material, in '97. The producers of this album are Mathias Lars Ake Färm (from Millencolin) and Mieszko Talarczyk (from Nasum, Krigshot, Genocide Superstars). There are 7 fast and rageful songs in that EP. If you haven't heard about Acursed before this will be a great start.



Holocaust In Your Head - st

Holocaust In Your Head is a d-beat crust'n'roll band from Barcelona / Spain. This 12" is released by Trabuc Records in '05. They are influenced by bands like; Extreme Noise Terror, Turbonegro, Doom, Dead Boys, Motörhead, Venom, Sore Throat, Gauze, Siege, etc. If you like spanish crust'n'roll, you'll like that one too.


Antisilence - Suffer Hits

Antisilence is a crossover band from Turkey, they are formed in '92. Their music was more death metal based at their first album "New World Order Sucks". They released only 2 albums during their time. And Suffer Hits is released in '00, it sounds more hardcore/thrash. They are influenced by bands like Sepultura, Exploited, Soulfly, D.R.I. and stuff like that.


Band's Myspace page


@patia No - El Ruido De Antes Contra Los Opresores De Siempre

@patia No is an anarcho hardcore punk / crust band from Gran Caracas / Venezuela. They've been around since '96 i think. and this is something like a discography cd. Their music is similar to bands like; Abuso Sonoro, Behind Enemy Lines, Cojoba, Fallas Del Sistema, Los Dolares, etc.


Alehammer - Mine's A Pint Of Crust

Alehammer is a metal crust band from England. Formed by members of Prophecy Of Doom, Impulse Manslaughter, Extinction Of Mankind, Doom. So great references. There are some Celtic Frost-ish riffs here and there also. The records is released in '07 and it comes with an Alehammer beer mat, cool stuff!


Against Empire & Auktion Split 7"

Against Empire is a great crust band from California / USA and Auktion is a d-beat crust'n'roll band from Umeå / Sweden. This split 7" is released this year by Threat To Existence records. Check It.


Download Against Empire & Iskra Split

Download Auktion - Kattsystem Demo

Download Auktion - Dom Köpte Våra Liv

Download Auktion - D-Beat Rock'n'Roll Mayhem

Download Auktion - Spader Ess

Vaadat Kishut - Zol Ech Elganti

This is a female fronted hardcore punk band from Tel Aviv / Israel. Not much different from the bands in europe, and israeli scene seems to pump good bands always. Too bad they split up, i hope the members form or have formed other bands, i don't know much about the band, if you do please share them in the comment box.



Aktivna Propaganda - Na Ruševinah Kapitalizma

This is an anarchist hc punk band from Ljubljana / Slovenia. There are some crust/metal/thrashcore influences in their music. Their music is fast with lyrics against nato, fascism, authorities, and similar stuff. Na Ruševinah Kapitalizma (On the ruins of capitalism) is their second album and it's released in '00.


Arxi Tou Telous - Kinhsh Se Dyo Vhmata

Arxi Tou Telous is a post punk/hardcore band from greece and it means Beginning Of The End. Their lyrics are mostly social-political and deal with subjects such as racism, human relationships, feelings etc. Kinhsh Se Dyo Vhmata is released in '04 and it means Movement In Two Steps. They are mostly influenced by the early greek bands like, Anti, Xaotiko Telos (Chaotic End), and some bands from other countries like Swans, Amebix. That means they sound great.


Horrör - Descontroladas 12''

Formed in sometime in '03, in Barcelona. They play raw d-beat punk'n'roll. Influenced by some cult bands like; Motörhead, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, etc. A great record!