big takeover

John Frusciante's big takeover acoustic cover.He play it when he was a junkie.I think drugs made him a bad brains fan and a music genius.lovely.

California Love - Reaping the Whirlwind

California Love is a power violence,hardcore band from oakland.they are really satanically good.

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Rorschach - Protestant

Rorschach is a powwaviolence band from new jersey.They formed in 1989 and this 12 inch was released by gern blandsten records.This is horribally good mates.have a look.

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Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger

Darkthrone is a norwegian black metal band which i like very much.They formed in 1988 as a death metal band in norway and now they are playing everything they like in accordance with their music culture.They never take another member for their former members so they are 2 men now.Fenriz and Nocturno Culto.They are into Punk and Crust.Finally for this album:IT IS RAW.

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Shai Hulud - Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion

Shai Hulud is an hardcore band from Florida.They formed in 1995 and they are playing metal influenced hardcore.This album is their first album which released in 1997 and they done it very well.if you like hardcore music you should listen shai hulud.

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Lungfish - Feral Hymns

This is a legendary post-hardcore band from a legendary label Dischord.They play intelligent music and i think they know what they do.They formed in 1987 in Baltimore County.This is their last album which released in 2005.I like their all discography but i upload it because i want to show how they play kingly after a long time from their enterprise.

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King Generator - Self Titled EP

This men called themself as "Members of Anodyne/Tombs, Discordance Axis/Burnt By the Sun/Municipal Waste and Shank/The Process play fast angry music."I think this is ok for them.They are really angry.

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1905 - Voice

1905 is a screamo band from Washington Dc.They are anarchists and partisans of peace as i know.Their music is old spiced american screamo.This is high-class in itself's genre.I really like this band i think you will like it too.By the way they formed in 2000,they published their album "Voice" on Exotic Fever Records,presumably they have an another lp too,they are not active today and this album's cover is amazing.

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Dahmer - Dahmerized

This is a grindcore/mincecore band from Quebec city.They sound like Unholy Grave,Agathocles,etc.So this is fucking ulcerous music.They are really obsessed with serial killers and stories like that.They talk about death and play fast like they are already dead.
This is good but i dont understand the album's cover.Why is it a black man?I dont think that they are fuckin KKK.I think this is just a picture.Maybe they dont really care about their covers but this Lp is full of high quality shit.

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ps about that cover:"It's a photo from when they raided Jeffery Dahmer's apartment." thank you anonymous.