Mizma - Unleash

Sweden, female vocals, low music quality, melodic and crusty riffs and d-beat attacks. Nuff said.



Totalt Jävla Mörker - Människans Ringa Värde

Totalt Jävla Mörker (Total Fucking Darkness) play fast, brutal and aggressive d-beat crust punk with a touch of grind and extreme hardcore with very intelligent lyrics. They sing about police, life, capitalism, tv bullshit, elections, the situation in Gaza, etc. This cd includes everything i can ask for; smart lyrics, fast music, angry screams, heavy riffs, insanity and much much more.



Mushroom Attack & Forgotten Prophecy Split LP

Mushroom Attack is a hardcore punk band from netherlands, which was active between '89 - '92. Some of the members went on to form "Fleas And Lice" after they split up. Forgotten Prophecy is from greece and if you have any idea about greece's dark hardcore crust music you can guess what they sound like. Some Forgotten Prophecy members also played in bands like Naytia, Chaotic Threat, Echo Tatoo, Hibernation, etc. A very influential split LP actually.
Here you can find some info about Mushroom Attack.
And you can read Forgotten Prophecy lyrics from here.



Rytmihäiriö - Surmaa Kännissä EP

Rytmihäiriö is a thrash metal / hardcore / crust / black metal (some people like to call it "crossover" though) band from helsinki / finland. They call themselves as "surmacore" which means "crimecore" but who cares. Rytmihäiriö means arrhythmia which is irregular heartbeat. Formed in '88, split up in '92 and reformed in '98. But they released only four LP's during that time and this post IS NOT one of them hehehe. They released lots of ep's and splits though. This release we got here is released in 2002 and i personally think this is their best material. Not much black / crust influence but awesome thrash/hardcore punk fury in it. All the lyrics are in finnish, they sing about crimes, violence and gambina.



Amok - st & Fuck The System EP

Amok is a croatian hardcore/punk/metal "whatever you call it"core band. Their music so full of anger, rebuke, melodies, speed and blasts, bla bla.




Black Kronstadt - Discography

Little info about the band; blackened anarcho crust from british columbia / canada. Was active between '92 - '97. They released two EP's and one LP. Some members went on to form the well-known Iskra when that band split up. And Kronstadt is a town near St. Petersburg in Russia.
Crimes Of Capital, Crimes Of The State 7'' is the first release of the band, released in '92. This ep sounds different from their other releases. This one is mostly influenced by uk82 anarcho hardcore bands. Sounds fine enough.

Crimes Of Capital, Crimes Of The State 7'' DOWNLOAD

This ep is released in '95. contains 3 tracks. This one is more raw and aggressive than the first ep. the sound quality is not quite fine either, but it's ok anyway.

A World To Win 7" DOWNLOAD

And this is the first and only LP of the band, released in '96. This Lp is the root of Iskra, i think. This release is more blackened/sludgy crust actually. Recommended for muddy crusties and punks out there.

The Free Spirit DOWNLOAD


IV Reich - Discografía Completa

Band from Zaragoza, Spain. They split up more than 15 years ago. Although their name may have caused some misunderstanding, they were not fascists. They explained it: if the III REICH was 100 years of war and 1000 years of peace, the IV REICH was 1000 years of anarchy. Oficially, they only recorded 2 DIY demos.
Tracks 1-10 are from 1st Demo, tracks 11-16 are from 2nd Demo, tracks 17-28 are live.


info taken from KFTH- IV Reich page


Nux Vomica - The Uninspired 7"

This band is something between At The Gates & From Ashes Rise. So can be described as Melodic Death Crust, i'm not so good at labeling stuff, and i don't like to label them either, but this gives you an idea at least. This is their first release, released in 2005. Gothenburg death metal meets neo-crust.
Recommended for crust metal fans!


Check out their first LP by the way.


Systematisk Terror - Ueeehhh!

The band is formed as a post punk band in 2002 but with an incredible change they've turned into d-beat kängpunk scums. The band has two demo cd-r's and one demo tape. This release we've got here is their latest material, released in '07. The band sounds a bit like the modern version of Protes Bengt actually, it's a must have for all d-beat lovers out there.


Genöcide - Submit To Genöcide

These drunk metal punks are from New Jersey, they are formed in '79 and this is their one and only LP, besides that they have two demos and a split with Mia. This LP is released in '87 and i think it is one of the roots of all that "drunk thrash punk" music with great rock'n'roll influences.
Recommended for old school metal punks!


How do you wanna die?


Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender

Inside Out is a early 90's sxe hardcore band from California.They released only two material (One is no spritiual surrender and the other is a split with Youth Of Today).Their music is fuckin hardcore and i guess their lyrics are good.I like this band so much.

and their line up was very good too

JFA - Blatant Localism

Jodie Foster's Army is a hardcore punk band which was formed in 1981.They grow up with Southern California Skateboard culture.Life with skateboard and hardcore music.This is their first recording and its wonderfuckinfull.Try it if you dont.


Integrity - Seasons In The Size Of Days

Integrity ,formed in 1989, is a Cleveland,Ohio based metallic hardcore band.Their music is sometimes fast,sometimes midtempo and really brutal and hard as shit.I love this band because they are different than the other metallic hardcore bands.This album have got experimental shit in the ending.Listen them and comment here.



H2O - F.T.T.W.

Its fucking hardcore.H2O is a melodic hardcore band from NYC.Their music is fast,hard and melodic.If you dont listen H2O yet you can start it here.Faster Than The World is their third album and it have got 18 fuckin hardcore songs.You'll like it if you into this shit.


S.O.A - No Policy

State Of Alert is a hardcore punk band which were fronted by Henry Rollins.They were a short lived band so they played together only for 1 year and they recorded this shit and some songs to a compilation. This album is a 7 inch and a legend in hardcore history. Haven't you listened to it yet? Check it out.


Cojoba - Sin Excusas

Cojoba is a female fronted hardcore punk band from Puerto Rico. Formed in '95, released lots of diy tapes and cds, appeared on compilations, etc.

Check out their website for more info.


Life's Blood - Defiance

Life's Blood was formed in New York 1987.They are a hardcore Punk band and they are really hardcore!I think Defiance is their best material.Download it.



Adacta - Circullus Viciosus

Melodic & angry crustcore from slovakia. All their lyrics are in slovak and that makes it more interesting (for me at least). This is their first release, released in 2004. Too bad the singer quit because her voice makes the band really unique for me. The guy who took her place is also fine but.. bleaugh. The cover art is great by the way.


Svart Framtid - EP 1984

Classic norwegian hardcore once more. They are formed in 1982 and their only release is released on the vocalist's label "X-Port Plater" in 1984. Members of the band also played in bands like Kafka Prosess, Stengte Dører and So Much Hate. Argh i also added 3 bonus tracks from their show in Blitz. Disiplin and Når Bomba Kommer are absolutely great tracks.



Satanic Surfers - Skate To Hell

Satanic Surfers is a melodic hardcore punk band from Sweden.The band was founded in 1989.Satanic Surfers' music is punk rock with strong melodies and personal/political lyrics.Skate To Hell is their first album.Listen it!


SxOxBx - Still Grind Attitude

Sabotage Organized Barbarian also known as S.O.B. is a japanese hardcore band.They are brutal,they are raw and they are holy as shit.SxOxBx is grinding like no one.Check this album mates.


Sick Terror & Migra Violenta Split 7''

Pure South American thrash fury! Sick Terror, fastcore/thrashcore from Brazil and Migro Violenta, political hardcore/thrashcore from argentina.

A recommended split for the gothic rock lovers


Mihoen! & Sick Terror Split 7"

Mihoen! is a great fast hc-thrashcore band from Netherlands. And Sick Terror is fast shit from Brazil. This 7" is released in 2004.
For fans of really fast & angry music


Sick Terror & Fuck Hate Propaganda Split 7"

Fuck Hate Propaganda is from England, and there are ex-members of Egg Raid and Kismet-HC playing in them. They play furious fastcore/grindcore. And Sick Terror is from brazil, fast shit. Recommended 7", released in 2004.


Sick Terror - Vida Mediocre 7"

Really fast musick from brazil. This 7" is released in 2004 (I guess). There is a Heresy and a Riistetyt cover in this 7" also. If you like fast shit, try this one.


Sick Terror - Peste Católica 7''

Sick Terror is a fast fast fast fastcore band from brazil. They are formed in 2000 and this is their very first release. The band describes themselves as "conected to anarchist ideas, pro-choice, being anti-prejudice (nazi, fascism, homophobic, racism, sexism, xenophobia) and above all the most important is the happiness to be alive, touring, making friends and having a great time! With a nihilism sarcasm... Some of us like to drink, smoke, party till 6am, but always keep the fuck punk up!!" ah and one more thing they tour A LOT.


Summon The Crows - Scavengers Feast

This is the first and only LP of the band, up till now. Their music reminds me a bit of Amebix & early Celtic Frost. So THIS is what "modern" stenchcore sounds like. Unlike the other "modern" stenchcore bands they don't have a huge and boring Bolt Thrower influence in their music. Bolt Thrower is NOT boring btw, Bolt Thrower Worship bands ARE boring. WHATEVER! This is Summon The Crows and this is DARK as fuck.


Check out their 7" by the way

And check out their old website for more information and smart anarchist/apocalyptic lyrics.

Summon The Crows - st 7"

The band is formed in 2000 in Oslo, Norway. This 7" is so full of black metal influences, especially in dark guitar riffs and pessimisticly low brutal vocals. 9 songs and 9 minutes of dark stenchcore, and the artwork is also great.


Data Morgana - En Nasjon I Sorg

Classic norwegian hardcore punk from Oslo. This is a self-released LP in1987. If you like norwegian hardcore, you will love this one.


Abuso Sonoro - Herencia

Abuso Sonoro is a fast, neck breaking, furious crust/hardcore punk band with female vocals from brazil. With politically angry lyrics and "balls-to-the-wall" riffs. Also one of the bonus tracks in this cd is a great version of "¡Ay Carmela!".


Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits

Propagandhi is a political punk rock band from Canada.They like social anarchism and veganism.
This is their best album..Potemkin City Limits.Thank you Fat Wreck Chords.Just Download it.


Champion - Time Slips Away

Champion is a hardcore punk band from Seattle and its their best album for me.Check it out.By the way,they are straight edges.



G-ANX - Flashbacks

Ripping thrash hardcore punk d-beat attack from sweden, it's really hard to describe them with words, seriously.
This cd includes all their released stuff plus 2 unreleased tracks.





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