Dir Yassin - Discography

Dir Yassin is a hardcore punk / thrashcore band from Israel. Formed in '97, by the well known people in the scene. Some bands these people have played before are; Urban Skate Fanatics, Wackout, Shma Israel, Public Domain, Ethos, Useless ID, Nekhei Naatza and Negative Impact. But Dir Yassin is actually the name of a Palestinian village near Jerusalem, which was invaded by jews in 1948, and there was a massacre. So the band chose that name "to bring the sublimed bloody facts about Zionism and Israel's history back into its collective consciousness." For more info about the massacre check here: "Deir Yassin Remembered", for more info about the band check here: Dir Yassin. This discography cd is re-released in '05 by tofu guerilla records, by the way.

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