Total Terror - st

Total Terror is a death metal influenced crust band from Sweden. This is a side project of the well known metal musician Dan Swanö and Edge Of Sanity members. They formed the band to drink and have a good time. They released a demo in '93, recorded and LP but never released it. And they re-recorded the songs this year again and released this LP.


Download other Total Terror records from here


Czolgosz - Guernica

Czolgosz is an anarchist hardcore punk band from Boston. They take their name from the anarchist assassin Leon Czolgosz. Their lyrics are great. The band is not active for a long time.



FxPxOx - The Only Dead End Is Refusing To See A Way Out

FxPxOx (Forever Positively Obsessed) is a sXe thrashcore band from Macedonia. They've been around between '01 - '08. This record is released in '05.



Betercore - Youthcrust Disco-Graphy!!

Fast, aggressive, ripping music from Netherlands. There is no need to describe them with many sentences. Their music is fast, their lyrics are great. Punk Is Resistance!



Czolgosz & Critica Radicala Split CD

Czolgosz is an anarchist hardcore punk band from Boston. They take their name from the anarchist assassin Leon Czolgosz. They sing about the Boston scene, the cops, Lukashenko and politics in that split. Their lyrics are also great. Critica Radicala is an anarcho gypsy punk band from Romania. Their music isn't fast and aggressive but their lyrics are. Their music is dark. All their lyrics are in Romanian but english translations are included in the booklet, which i didn't scan because i don't have a scanner. They sing about wars, mass media, politics and chocolate in that cd. This cd is released in '04, and both bands are great.


Nux Vomica - A Civilized World

Nux Vomica is a Crust / Death Metal band from Baltimore / USA. They are formed in late '03. The band members are involved in so many bands but i feel lazy to write them down, check their myspace page for more info. I can describe their music as "At The Gates meets From Ashes Rise". Now let me describe it for the people who don't know both bands, it's something in between gothenburg death metal and melodic crust.




Kafka Prosess - Ingen Fattig, Ingen Rike

Kafka Prosess is a norwegian hardcore punk band who were around from '85 to '87. In their two years of existence they have made a split with Disorder, a tour in England and two tours in Germany, and they've taken part in 5 compilations. This is one of the first bands when i think of Norwegian hardcore punk.



This post includes Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record 7'' (released in '91), Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! 7'' (released in '92) and Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! A Music War 7'' (released in '98). All 7"es are released by Slap-A-Ham Records. There are 166 bands and 217 songs in these 3 7"es. Which is a legendary release for the grindcore, noisecore, fastcore, powerviolence genres.

Some of the bands in the 7"es are; Anal Cunt, G-ANX, Hellnation, Extreme Noise Terror, Jesus Crust, Capitalist Casualties, Disrupt, Fuck On The Beach, Crossed Out, Phobia, Melt Banana, The Locust, Black Army Jacket, Bastard Noise, Resist, Man Is The Bastard, Final Conflict, Bad Acid Trip, None Of Your Fucking Business, Sarcasm, Meat Shits, Charles Bronson, No Comment, Infest and 143 more.

Download Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record 7''

Download Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! 7''

Download Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! A Music War 7''

Genocide Superstars - Superstar Destroyer

The band is formed in Örebro / Sweden, in '94 with the idea to get drunk, have fun and show some respect to bands like; Discharge, Motörhead, Misfits. Mieszko (rest in pieces) used to play in the band too. They play the drunk and full speed crust'n'roll.


Noizine Fest!

Noizine Fest!

Burn Her Letters, Lost In Bazaar, Poster İti, Sakatat, Standback sanat musikisi ile bizleri kederlendirecek, rakı masamıza meze olacaklar.

Ayrıca fanzinler dağıtılacak, distrolar teşrif edecek, standlar açılacak, iyi bir şirin olursanız daha neler neler olur kim bilir ha?!

Gruplar hakkinda detayli bilgi icin:

Kemanci Bar, 25 Temmuz Cumartesi Saat:15:00
Giris: 10 ytl


Panzerschreck - Demo

Panzerschreck is a crust'n'roll band from Sweden. If i'm not wrong some members also play in Gadget. I guess this demo is their only released material and it is released in '06. They are influenced by bands like; Driller Killer, Martyrdöd, Anti-Cimex, Motörhead, Genocide Superstars and such. It says 56 kbps but the sound quality is equal to 320 kbps, i don't know why but the software i use to rip my audio cds is acting weird. Don't let the low mb fool you, they are heavy and great.


Contrast Attitude - Sick Brain Extreme Addict 7''

Contrast Attitude is a raw and noisy d-beat crust band from Japan. They are formed in '98, they released a 7" (the one i'm posting), a 12" split with Acrostix and they have taken part in various compilations. They are heavily influenced by the Japanese and Swedish raw d-beat bands.



Severed Head Of State - Dansons La Ravachole 7''

Severed Head Of State is a d-beat crust band from USA. The members are also involved in bands like; World Burns To Death, Tragedy, Warcry, J Church, Defiance. So you can get the idea what they sound like. They have been around since '00 and they have released five or six 7"es and 2 cd's if i'm not wrong. This 7" is released in '03 by Communichaos Media.


Avskum - In The Spirit Of Mass Destruction

Avskum is a d-beat crust band from Sweden. Formed in '82 but they haven't been around much between '84 and '97. They play the "swedish dis-core" which we know pretty well. Let me explain for those who are not familiar with the term, that is classical swedish hardcore mixed with some discharge style raw anger. Lyrics are usually about nuclear war and capitalism, i know it sounds cliché but it is not. This record is released in '00 and it is one of the best crust releases of the millenium.



The Scam - Everything Ends In Rot 7''

The Scam is a metal influenced evil hardcore band from the states. Click HERE and HERE for more info.




Easpa Measa - Renounce & Dethrone

Easpa Measa is a crust band from Dublin / Ireland with male and female vocals. Easpa Measa means something like Lack Of Respect in english. They are formed around late '01. This is their demo, released in '04. There are six melodic and dark crust tracks in it.



2 July 1993

It is the 2nd of July today, the anniversary of The Sivas Massacre (Sivas Katliamı). In Madımak Hotel, 37 people were burnt to death by radical islamists and facists. Intellectuals have gathered there to celebrate Pir Sultan Abdal's (a 16th century Alevi poet) festival.

The facists and islamists attacked after the moslem's friday prayers. Almost 20,000 of them first marched to the culture center, where the activities took place. They destroyed the monument which was just opened to public view a day ago. Then they marched to the hotel, they broke through the police barriers and surrounded the hotel. The main reason for the islamists and facists being there is to lynch Aziz Nesin, because he's translated Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" at that time. They set the hotel on fire and 37 people including musicians, poets, writers, tourists and hotel staff died. 51 people including Aziz Nesin managed to escape with heavy wounds. When he was recognized, he was beaten by a fireman and a city councilman shouted, "This is the devil we should have really killed."

After lengthy court proceedings, the State Security Court sentenced 33 people to death on 28 November 1997 for their roles in the massacre; 31 of these sentences were upheld in a 2001 appeal. When Turkey overturned the death penalty just over a year later in 2002, the sentences were commuted to life in prison.
Just like any other right wing or islamist attack, the police, army and the firemen DID NOTHING! They just watched the incidents calmly.

What really disgusts me is; that the hotel's grounds floor is a MEAT RESTAURANT now. Which is really sickening and nauseous. So many petitions were given to municipality and the parliament to make the hotel a museum but the politicians never took these seriously.

The victims are;