Beyond Pink - Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja

Beyond Pink is an all-girl crusty hardcore punk band from Malmö / Sweden. This cd contains 12 furious crusty hardcore songs sang by two different kind of vocalists, one is Tijana from Massmörd. Also Ida from Massmörd is in the band. You can hear some swedish hc punk / crust, riot grrrl and 80's hc influences combined perfectly in this album. The lyrics deal with macho/sexist attitude, cops, capitalism, WTO, G8, etc. Jedan Dva, Jebla Te Ja means "One two, fuck you". If you like hardcore punk, i guess you will like that too. And if you know turkish you can read the interview of the band in the SAĞANAK BEYİN TERÖRÜ fanzine, which i & some friends made. Speak turkish or don't.


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