Against Empire & Iskra Split

This really powerful and thrash & black metal influenced split cd is a must for all the heavy politic crustcore lovers. A//E has 5 songs with duel vocals and thrashy crust punk riffs. On the other side Iskra offers 4 songs with great lyrics and black metallish crust stench. The split comes with a 16 page booklet. The lyrics are also really good, read them. Btw the split is called "Bring The War Home" and it's released in 2006.



  1. I originally bought this through profane and have since lost it to time..I thought about this split last year when I Found myself in Oka and remembered the song on this split iskra did by the same title. It was completely by chance that I got a train into canada, needed work, found an apple orchard outside of montreal that we worked on with other people that would be considered "illegal immigrants" in the states eyes, turned out to be oka and me and my girlfriend met up with a younger local native of the mohawk tribe and got to spend time with him, he even camped out with us one night and didnt go back to the res. thanks for this.

  2. thanks for sharin your story mate, it's a great one.