Axegrinder - Rise Of The Serpent Men

Axegrinder is from England, which was active through '86 to '91. They play metallic dark crust. As we call it "stenchcore", they are one of the invertors of this genre with Amebix. And as you can see while listening to the album, there is a huge Amebix worship. Which is not bad in any way or can be considered as a rip-off. Which is just total respect to the masters. This LP is released in '88 and it's quite catchy.



  1. this album is a must for any crust punk lover!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, we never hid our love of Amebix so to be even mentioned in the same breath as them is an honour. Look out for Exgrinder in 2011

    Trev Exgrinder

  3. thanks for droppin a line on the blog trev, cheers!