Czolgosz & Critica Radicala Split CD

Czolgosz is an anarchist hardcore punk band from Boston. They take their name from the anarchist assassin Leon Czolgosz. They sing about the Boston scene, the cops, Lukashenko and politics in that split. Their lyrics are also great. Critica Radicala is an anarcho gypsy punk band from Romania. Their music isn't fast and aggressive but their lyrics are. Their music is dark. All their lyrics are in Romanian but english translations are included in the booklet, which i didn't scan because i don't have a scanner. They sing about wars, mass media, politics and chocolate in that cd. This cd is released in '04, and both bands are great.



  1. they don't sing ablout chocolate in the song ciocolata ...it's refers to a certain social class in the Balkans area, who promotes ignorance,illiteracy, stupidity ...for them the most important thing in life is to get a lot of money isstead to have a little bit of cutlure

    they're acting like animals on streets and they have a fascist thinking iven they haven't heard something about fascism

    they're are nietzschenian slaves who not accept the differences among people.

  2. thanks a lot for the information!

  3. Gypsy is incorrect, if they fallow the same style like Terror Art, the old band, this should be Post Punk.

  4. i don't think it's real post punk, there are some gypsy melodies here and there. terror art is also great by the way.