The Scam - Sic World

First of all this is not something i ripped, i found it on soulseek. And i couldn't find much info about the band so please share what you know. "This LP was never officially released, there exist only a couple of copies" says the discogs.com. They released an EP and this unreleased LP. I'll post the EP in the coming days, or weeks. You can check the band's mypace page for more info.


additional info by !+|Nyarlathotep|+! on soulseek; one ep, 2 comp trax, and a lp that was never officialy released because they couldnt find a label to put it out so it was scrapped.
the recorded 2 comp trax in their short existence. one for the 1985 boston hardcore compilation titled Welcome To Ax/ction Island EP and another track for the Revenge Of The Kamikaze LP in 1988.
as for unreleased material there's only the sic world lp and an alternate version of "sic world".
a demo might exist but eric never confirmed this.
their ep was in a limited pressing of 1000 which didnt circulate very much.
there was no touring or promotion of the band. they just played a bunch shows in the local area with other bands like psycho and ptl klub.
lyrics are mostly about death, misery, pain, hate, anger.... couldn't be a more closer definition.

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  1. The CD with 26 songs is coming out next week on Welfare Records