Skaven - st 7"

Skaven is a rat like warrior in the wargame Warhammer and this is all i know about the name's meaning. I'm not much into that kinda stuff so i'm not curious that much, if you are curious just google it. This band existed for a very short amount of time, "95-97". The members went on with Lachrymose and Asunder. Lachrymose could not survive long and Asunder is huge now, bla bla. There are two tracks in this 7", Severed and Flowers Of Flesh And Blood. Each track is about 7 minutes. And reminds me of bands like Amebix, Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct and stuff like that. The lyrics are depressive, the bass sound is great. Maybe that's because they have two bass players.

I looked at this life
An experiment perverse
We are not progress
Just going in reverse


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