Nuclear Mutants - Welcome To Reality

Nuclear Mutants is a hardcore punk band with female vocals. They are from cyprus. I guess they were active during the mid 90's. I really don't know anything about the band and I couldn't find any info on the net either. All I could find is this interview. I came across to this demo tape on soulseek and loved it. The music is really good. If you know anything about the band, please share.



  1. This band is really sweet! I like!

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  3. The band was created by the bassist of Aposynthesis, the first hardcore punk band on the island that existed between 1992-1996. The guitarist and the drummer were also at some point part time members of Aposynthesis.
    There are rumours that there might be a rerelease of the demo onto cd, even vinyl with an extra unreleased song. Another later member of Nuclear Mutants, not playing on the demo, is currently playing in two hardcore punk bands, Within the Walls and En Psychro (In Cold Blood), both of which have released demo CDs. You can check them out on YouTube.

  4. thanks a lot for the info anon.