Arrebato - Demo

Arrebato is a hardcore punk / crust band from Argentina. Arrebato means "sudden punch in the face" in spanish slang. They're formed in '06 in Moron (yeah, a great name for a city) / Argentina. They've released one demo and two EP's if i'm not mistaken. I'm going to post their first demo here. There are 4 songs and it's about 6 minutes long. Their music reminds me of the italian legends Raw Power. Their other influences are; Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Wolfpack, Victims, Ratos De Porao, etc.


*link updated*


  1. Great demo - please consider sharing the other releases - good stuff and a great blog you have too. We drop by from time to time often to see what goodies are here! We have you linked as well :)

  2. Nicolas A.K.A zalaApril 17, 2010 at 6:50 AM

    i cant believe it. men, i am really shocked, thank you so much for this, and thanks the guys who comment. my name is nicholas, we have split up a few months ago , i am the drummer for arrebato, we have another ep from 2009. with enormous pleasure i can send it to you if you want. thank so much bro , cheers from the third world.

  3. hey nicholas, thanks for your comment. i didn't know you have split up, this is terrible news. hope you'll be creatin mayhem and chaos with a new band! and i'd like to have that ep from 2009 absolutely. i thank you for the great music and the nice comment. cheers from the chaos city!

  4. link for the 2009 release : http://www.mediafire.com/?cmgm0nmvmgz

    hey bro ,add me and i can send you the art work for both eps and traslate the lyrics to english if you want to

    thanks so much for the support