Summon The Crows - Scavengers Feast

This is the first and only LP of the band, up till now. Their music reminds me a bit of Amebix & early Celtic Frost. So THIS is what "modern" stenchcore sounds like. Unlike the other "modern" stenchcore bands they don't have a huge and boring Bolt Thrower influence in their music. Bolt Thrower is NOT boring btw, Bolt Thrower Worship bands ARE boring. WHATEVER! This is Summon The Crows and this is DARK as fuck.


Check out their 7" by the way

And check out their old website for more information and smart anarchist/apocalyptic lyrics.


  1. i found this album BORING. same recylced riffs

  2. Tony (Deviated Instinct)March 1, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    what? you can't have been listening to the same band!!!

    We played with these guys in Norway in 09, and I have to say, along with Agrimonia from Sweden, I don't think there are any better bands keeping the tattered black flag of crust/stench flying...all really good folk too.