Rytmihäiriö - Surmaa Kännissä EP

Rytmihäiriö is a thrash metal / hardcore / crust / black metal (some people like to call it "crossover" though) band from helsinki / finland. They call themselves as "surmacore" which means "crimecore" but who cares. Rytmihäiriö means arrhythmia which is irregular heartbeat. Formed in '88, split up in '92 and reformed in '98. But they released only four LP's during that time and this post IS NOT one of them hehehe. They released lots of ep's and splits though. This release we got here is released in 2002 and i personally think this is their best material. Not much black / crust influence but awesome thrash/hardcore punk fury in it. All the lyrics are in finnish, they sing about crimes, violence and gambina.



  1. Killer blog you guys got going here. And this release sweet as.

  2. surmacore \m/ greetings from finland