Black Kronstadt - Discography

Little info about the band; blackened anarcho crust from british columbia / canada. Was active between '92 - '97. They released two EP's and one LP. Some members went on to form the well-known Iskra when that band split up. And Kronstadt is a town near St. Petersburg in Russia.
Crimes Of Capital, Crimes Of The State 7'' is the first release of the band, released in '92. This ep sounds different from their other releases. This one is mostly influenced by uk82 anarcho hardcore bands. Sounds fine enough.

Crimes Of Capital, Crimes Of The State 7'' DOWNLOAD

This ep is released in '95. contains 3 tracks. This one is more raw and aggressive than the first ep. the sound quality is not quite fine either, but it's ok anyway.

A World To Win 7" DOWNLOAD

And this is the first and only LP of the band, released in '96. This Lp is the root of Iskra, i think. This release is more blackened/sludgy crust actually. Recommended for muddy crusties and punks out there.

The Free Spirit DOWNLOAD


  1. this band deserves respect!
    their name refers to this event i think :

  2. yeah, probably this rebellion is the influence in their name, and iskra also means spark in russian which is the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party's newspaper.
    maybe their next band will be called Makhnovshchina, who knows?

  3. sat by the drums in the padded room wouldn't yell the background lyrics tho ("can't you see it's all the same!!!"). years went by too fast. victoria sucked. nice to see all 3 of em here. out of pressings no doubt. did anyone see any of these in Lyle's (when they were downstairs and not above ground when they later sucked) or any of the indyish (the place with the pentagram on the floor) record stores? more than likely tour gifts.

    a circle and a a