Mushroom Attack & Forgotten Prophecy Split LP

Mushroom Attack is a hardcore punk band from netherlands, which was active between '89 - '92. Some of the members went on to form "Fleas And Lice" after they split up. Forgotten Prophecy is from greece and if you have any idea about greece's dark hardcore crust music you can guess what they sound like. Some Forgotten Prophecy members also played in bands like Naytia, Chaotic Threat, Echo Tatoo, Hibernation, etc. A very influential split LP actually.
Here you can find some info about Mushroom Attack.
And you can read Forgotten Prophecy lyrics from here.



  1. Hey anti, I'm responding to the message you left in my talk box. I found your blog because I was looking for an Amok download and you guys seemed to be the only place on the friggin net I could find anything by them. Then I realized you have all kinds of great shit. haha

  2. thanks dude, i never thought putting some Amok links would be a nice advertisement haha.

  3. Haha yeah I can usually find lots of hardcore grind and powerviolence and stuff, but when it comes to obscure metalcore it's difficult.

  4. yeah, i know how it feels. a serbian friend made me listen to Amok, so i can count myself a bit lucky about it, otherwise it'd be hard to even know that band exists.