Panzerschreck - Demo

Panzerschreck is a crust'n'roll band from Sweden. If i'm not wrong some members also play in Gadget. I guess this demo is their only released material and it is released in '06. They are influenced by bands like; Driller Killer, Martyrdöd, Anti-Cimex, Motörhead, Genocide Superstars and such. It says 56 kbps but the sound quality is equal to 320 kbps, i don't know why but the software i use to rip my audio cds is acting weird. Don't let the low mb fool you, they are heavy and great.



  1. really looking for the lp now you've addicted me with the demo - this is great stuff - thanks for ganing them a fan here :)

  2. http://www.falksdomain.com/music.php
    This is the bass players website. both albums are on here