Atomvinter & Svart Snö Split 10"

Atomvinter is an anarcho d-beat / crust band from Sweden, formed in early '90's. They've released a self titled cd, a 7", this split 10" and they've taken part in Things That Make No Sense Compilation CD and Why Can't We Hate... Compilation CD. Svart Snö (Black Snow) is also from Sweden. They are formed in '87 in Stockholm. They play raw and aggressive swedish hardcore punk. They say they are influenced by bands like; Poison Idea, Discharge, MDC, Svart Framtid, Conflict, etc. The lyrics are a bit ironic and funny and about politics and social issues. Click here for more info about Atomvinter and click here for more info about Svart Snö.


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  1. thanx!!been looking for this record for a long time
    I got the record but I couldnt hear it at work..now I can thanx a lot!!!good blog!!!