Senata Fox - The Acracy Discourse

This is the discography cd of the croatian faaaaaaaaast and furious band. The band is formed in '99. Their lyrics are about life, nature, relationships, politics, human and animal rights are accompanied with fast and thrashy hardcore/punk music. The band members are, or were, involved in HC/punk/diy community through various bands (Panaceja, Amok, Drotweiller, Lunar, Nikad, Razlog Za, 5 Minutes To Steve...) and activities (zines, labels, booking...). Discography of the band includes the split tape with serbian grindcore band No Abuse (released through Good Samaritan and Libber Tea), split 7" with Unison (also from Serbia, released through Good Samaritan) as well as the split LP with croatian anarcho crust legends AK-47 (released through five different labels).


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